Summit Solicitors: Our Services

Property Law

1. Property Management, Marketing and Consultancy

We are involved in the field of property management, marketing and consultancy of all types of real estate. Summit solicitors does all that is needful for the proper maintenance, marketing, and management of the property in order to increase its value and revenue. We conduct all management activities on behalf of the owner because our primary priority is to build credibility and reputation in the field of property management and this we achieve through the delivery of value added services aimed at exceeding clients’ expectations.

Our professional property management services, for different types of properties, include (but not limited to) the following:

  • The administration of lease/tenancy agreements.

  • The collection of rents and other service rates where applicable.

  • The provision of necessary information on all taxes, rates, charges, expenses and other outgoings whatsoever payable for or on account of the property.

  • The management, recording and provision of detailed periodic reports of rental generated from the owner’s property.

  • The administration of operational services such as security, cleaning, maintenance of building structures, components, and equipment such as generators and lifts.

    Marketing of clients’ property for sale through our numerous ingenious networking links is of utmost priority to us. We employ every legal and aggressive strategic marketing means to ensure properties entrusted into our care by our esteemed clients for outright sale are pushed into the market to be accessed by the general public and purchased by interested buyers and investors.

    2. Linking Partners/Real Estate Development

    We also provide real estate development services by reaching out to our linking partners, who are professionals and leading experts in the field of quantity surveying, land surveying, estate surveying and estate development .This is to ensure we provide a one stop service centre to clients, saving time and resources while still receiving an all –inclusive professional, competent and efficient service.

    3. Property Sourcing, Searches and Documentation

    We partner with our clients to realize their dreams of property acquisition by sourcing for properties of their choice and in their dream location. This we do because the fulfilment of our clients desires is what daily drives us to succeed.

    The need to conduct a proper search and investigation of any property before acquisition has become so urgent and important more so because the property sector has never been so fraught with fraudulent activities has is currently being witnessed and experienced. We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure all property purchased though our firm undergoes the requisite searches and investigations at the relevant land registry before giving our clients the go-ahead to purchase same.

    We equally assist our clients to protect their interest against third party claims after the acquisition of their choice property by perfecting the titles to such property through the requisite property documentation/perfection of titles/procurement of certificate of occupancy.

    Corporate Law

    As a firm, we specialize in drafting various formal documents such as deeds of assignment and memorandum of understanding, in order to help clients enforce agreements. Individuals, groups and associations who desire formalisation and consolidation of their various interests can be rest assured that we are up to the task of ensuring such is undertaken, through the formation of companies and businesses in their proposed individual, business or company names. Intellectual property such as trademarks, copyright can be registered with the relevant authorities by our firm in order to ensure exclusive right to their intellectual property.

    Company secretariat services is not excluded from the purview of services offered to our clients who need supervision of company documentation processes and strict compliance to laid down rules and regulations governing companies in Nigeria.